Sunday Football Tailgating

Sorry, it has been a while since I posted.  I’ve been sick and I hurt my back packing up boxes, my wife and I are moving.  This will be a quick one.
Two things I’m excited about:

We are going to the Jets vs Colts game today.  Now this isn’t exciting because we are planning to see a high scoring fast paced game, it should be just the opposite.  What is exciting is that we may see the second coming of Tebow today, who last week would have had a deep bomb for a touchdown had the receiver not dropped the ball.

Also, we get to see the highly touted rookie QB, Andrew Luck toss the ball a bit today.  This kid has been referred to as the next Peyton Manning.  No other rookie has had this much hype coming out of college and the last few weeks he has really been playing like it.

We may tail gate today at the game, not sure, depends if my back isn’t bothering me.  If we do, you will see pictures and recipes from it.  Also, I have been keeping tack of the recipes from this past week, so I will post with them as well…Stay tuned.

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  1. The game was AWESOME!! 🙂

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