About me

I’m Chris

I love me some football

I love to eat

The contents of my blog will show my passion for both.

There are only a handful of pairs that are matched as well as Food is to Football – peanut butter and jelly, beer and pizza, socks and shoes, etc… But we’ve all have eaten pizza without drinking a beer, licked peanut butter off a spoon without having any jelly, worn socks when your feet are cold without shoes, and maybe even worn shoes without socks (I know I have).  But football without food, it’s something I’ve never done; and there are only a few things I have never done and I don’t think I’m willing to try.  First of all, Football Sunday is a long day packed full of action, upsets, joy, tears, and the occasional obscenity.  Secondly, Sundays in general are specifically family days for me and many others I know.  Most of my close friends and family members prefer not to work on Sundays, and refuse to work on Football-days (every Sunday starting in September and ending the first weekend of February).




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