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One Drink, One Beer, Monday Night Football – Week 5

First, a rant. Week five comes to an end this week, and it couldn’t come soon enough. It is pretty bad when the most exciting thing this week is my fantasy football team winning a close match-up. This week has been full of horrible games. Thirteen games took place and more than half of the teams that played scored under 20 points. There were five games in which neither team scored 20 points and one in which a baseball score was posted where the Baltimore Ravens scored 9 points against the Kansas City Chiefs 6 points, neither team scoring a touchdown – 3 other teams were unable to score a TD as well. At least Jamaal Charles proved that knee ligament surgery is no longer career ending. He looks like he hasn’t skipped a beat since his injury with 140 yards on the ground, but no score. There were three blow outs including the Titans losing to the the Vikings 30-7. The ex-stud Titan RB, Chris Johnson, formerly known as CJY2K when he ran for over 2000 yards three seasons ago, did nothing yet again – I’m done giving this guy excuses.  To top it off, the Titans can not move the ball; you know it is bad when the most exciting part of the Titans offense is when they cross the 50 yard line, which they only did 4 times yesterday while only ending one of those drives in a score.  Today’s game with the Houston Texans taking on the New York Jets in New York (Jersey) doesn’t seem to be any better.  Look to the bottom of this page for details.

Good things happen every week, great things happen almost every week, this week there were a few of both.  The Giants won in amazing fashion; Bradshaw rushed for 200 yards, Eli Manning threw for almost 300 yards and three touchdowns, and all three touchdowns went to my fantasy MVP and salsa dancing fool, Victor Cruz.  The Indianapolis Colts are much better than they were last season when they had no quarterback.  The highly touted rookie Andrew Luck, the second coming of Peyton Manning, had his first of hopefully many to come great game winning drives.  The New Orleans Saints get their first win while Drew Brees shatters the record for most consecutive games with a TD pass by throwing four of them.  This record spans over 4 seasons, including two in which he threw at least one TD in all 16 games.  The way Brees finds the end-zone, I don’t see his streak ending any time soon.  The next closest is Tom Brady who is currently on a streak of 37 games with a TD pass.  When Brees stops throwing TDs for a game, Brady will have to do it 11 more times.

Weeks like these drive me to drink, luckily I keep good company.

This could be a daily drinker for me if I drank daily.  Its a 12 year Auchetoshan (pronounced Aw-khen-tosh-an) single malt highland whiskey.  Its got a nice deep caramel/honey color.  This is my favorite smell, and as their website states correctly, it smells like creme brulee; I also get a good nuttiness.  This is as smooth as a single malt neat gets.  Sweet caramel and almond strike the tongue first, finishes with vanilla.  Water really opens the up the vanilla and nutty flavors.

Stone 16th Anniversary Ale

Every year, the fellas at the Stone Brewing Co. on Escondido, CA brew an anniversary ale.  This is the 16th anniversary IPA from perhaps my favorite brewery and it is a good one.  They really try to make a unique flavor profile every year for this specialty beer.  This is brewed with rye malts, Amarillo an Calypso hops among other unnamed ones, lemon verbena, and lemon oil.  This is unique in that it is the first beer that I have tasted in which sweet, sour, and bitter all mingle together like long lost friends.  The subtle fruity nose fits the initial flavors perfectly.  The bitter and floral hops are the high notes, and the smooth lemon flavors with hints of grapefruit round out this palette as they draw the bitterness from the roof of your mouth to give this ale a great finish.  I could drink this all day.

Fact of the Week: Did you know that Wrangler now make jeans with a comfortable, non-binding, penis-pocket?  At least that is what Brett Farve and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are promoting these days.  Hey, it’s football related, kinda.

Real Fact of the Week: Five running backs have 4 rushing touchdowns two of them are rookies, Alfred Morris and Trent Richardson

Monday Night Football:

Houston Texans (-8.5) @ New York Jets

Final Score: Texans 27 Jets 17

The Houston Texans are playing the best football the team has ever seen;they may be the best team in the league.  Matt Shaub  is off to a good start averaging 250 yards and almost 2 TDs a game.  Their star RB Arian Foster should be the league leader in rushing TDs after today’s game.  If he can find the end-zone, he’ll be alone in the league with five.  The Houston defense also boasts the second best numbers in the league giving up under 200 yards of passing 2 out of 4 games, and not allowing a running back to score a touchdown on the ground. WR Andre Johnson and TE Owen Daniels both have over 230 yards and 2 reception touchdowns.  These guys are firing on all cylinders right now and the pace they are going should not be slowed down by the pallid Jets tonight.

The New York Jets started off hot scoring 48 points in their season opener against the Bills.  They lost against a better team in the Steelers.  And then won yet another division game against the Miami Dolphins, but it was during that game where they lost their best player Darrelle Revis for the season.  The next game, Mark Sanchez led his team to zero points.  ZERO!  He has never looked like an elite quarterback, but he has never looked this bad either.  It is his fourth season and he has gone backwards after leading the Jets to AFC conference playoff games in his two first seasons in the NFL.  Now Tim Tebow is knocking on the door to take the reins in New York a la last year in Denver.  I was against the addition of Tebow this off season as I thought that it could mess with Sanchez’s confidence; it sure did.  He looks like a freshman division college player.  His line gets him sacked, and doesn’t help any of the running backs gain positive yards, he is almost as good throwing the ball to his opponents as he is to throwing the ball to his teammates in the endzone with a 5:4 touchdown to interception ratio.  Chances of the Jets winning this game are somewhere in the 5% range.  It would have to be a perfect storm for the Jets here today.

Keys to Jets Victory :

1) Get a non-existent running game off the ground with one sub-par back, Shonn Greene, and one unknown commodity, Bilal Powell.
2) Have a great game through the air as well as on the ground against a defense that has been good against both the pass and the run.
3) Have a wide receiver and tight end pick up a lot of slack for the injured WR Santonio Holmes and TE Dustin Keller
4) Play a great defensive game against one of the best offenses of the year with out the best defensive player in the league, CB Darrelle Revis.
5) Get Tebow more involved especially when in the red zone.
6) If Sanchez can not move the ball, let Tebow get a real shot at leading the team.

Projected Stats:


QB Mark Sanchez: 15-35, 180 yards, 1 TD
QB: Mark Sanchez: 11-26, 130 yards, 0 TD
QB: Tim Tebow: 8 carries, 45 yards, 1 TD; 4-9, 50 yards, 1 TD
RB Shonn Greene: 12 carries, 30 yards
RB: Bilal Powell: 10 carries, 42 yards
WR: Jeremy Kerley: 6 receptons, 55 yards, 1 TD
WR: Chaz Schilens: 4 receptions, 35 yards, 0 TD
TE: Jeff Cumberlan: 4 receptions, 40 yards, 0 TD
1 field goal


QB: Matt Schaub: 26-35, 275 yards, 3 TD
RB: Arian Foster: 21 carries, 125 yards, 1 TD; 5 receptions, 44 yards, 1 TD
WR: Andrew Johnson: 8 receptions, 110 yards, 1 TD
WR: Keshawn Martin: 4 receptions, 50 yards, 0 TD
WR: Kevin Walter: 4 receptions, 35 yards, 0 TD
TE: Owen Daniles: 6 receptions, 55 yards, 1 TD
2 Field Goals

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