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One Drink, One Beer, Monday Night Foodball

This is a Laphroaig 10 Year Single Malt Scotch from the Scottish Isle of Islay. It is unique in its peat and smoke notes, it goes down as smooth as caramel, and smells as good as its bright gold color looks. The alcohol is slightly medicinal and really comes together with a splash of water. I prefer this on the rocks so I can taste the transformation in flavors as the ice melts and not only cools the drink but dilutes some of the alcohol flavor which, in turn, brings out the peat and earthiness. A few swishes from the front of mouth to the back back of mouth warms it back up to a perfect temperature that allows it to coat your tongue and brings out the saltiness.

Looks: This is as gold as a whiskey as you are bound to find.

Smell: As soon as you pop the top your nose is struck with the whiskey’s deep smoke notes and a hint of sweet woodiness.

Taste: There is peat throughout the palate with hints of salted wood and sweetness.

Finish: Wonderfully long and delightful

Smuttynose makes some fantastic beers, their Old Brown Dog Ale is by far my favorite. It is an American Brown Ale brewed in New Hamshire, US with an alcohol content of 6.7%.

Coincidentally it pairs nicely with the Laphroaig above as the saltiness of the whiskey really brings forth the sweet malts of the ale. Now don’t get scared of the hops here, this is not an IPA. Though the hops are there, the sweet caramel malts shine above all.

Looks: Great, dark and cloudy. Decent head when poured aggressively but doesn’t last long.

Smells: toasted malts and caramel stand out here though the smell is faint

Taste: If you like toasted malt you’ve found your beer. Some deep fruit flavors of fig come through along with nuts with a present alcohol flavor on the finish that rounds out the flavors. There is a good effervescent feel here followed by a crisp, smooth swallow. A minute later I’m getting a few hints of citrus, pleasant.

I would highly suggest a beer like this to pair with a pork chop or a cheesy, bacon topped meatloaf. If you are into shots, I can see this as a great chaser for the harder, less sweet ones. Grab one while you are grilling as the crispness can help battle the heat. Both the Laphroaig and the Smuttynose will be a ‘hit’ at any football party and to any wallet. But on a Monday Night during football season, there really is nothing to complain about.

Monday Night Football week 4 promises to be a good one. The Chicago Bears taking on the Dallas Cowboys in Texas has all the makings of a classic drama. On one side there is Chicago who is trying to battle injury while trying to keep their highly talented team from imploding, starting with their Quarterback, Jay Cutler, who seems to blame everyone on his team except for himself for their low productivity – he is only averaging 154 yards in his past two games and Dallas is a much tougher defense. They are lucky that they are 2-1. This game lies in the sole hands of Cutler to get it done. They have young talent everywhere else on the offense with Matt Forte and Michael Bush at running back, a the rookie wide receiver in Alshon Jeffery who is poised for his first big game, though he will have his hands full against a tough Cowboys D at home. Hopefully veteran Brandon Marshall can help stretch this pack field and give Jeffery some wiggle room while make a decent stat line for himself. But it is the Chicago defense who is going to have to get it done tonight.

The Dallas Cowboys have been stacked on the offensive side of the ball since they were created it seems. Their two wide receivers, Dez Bryant and New Jersey’s own Miles Austin, are among the best in the league. Though their production relies heavily upon two factors, their health and their quarterback. They have both battled injuries over the past few seasons, but the Cowboys have found suitable replacements every time one goes down. The real problems stems from which quarterback they play with week in and week out. QB Tony Romo is night and ay different from game to game. Some times he looks like the best quarterbacks in the league as he seemed to be when he took down the New york Giants with 300 yards and 3 TDs. At other times, he is abysmal, like he was replaced with a clone from his freshman college days as he was the last two games where he threw for only 1 TD and 2 INTs combined. He has help standing right behind him in DeMarco Murray, who coming off of a good rookie season where he ran for multiple games of 150+ yards and one over 200 yards. He is off to a slow start this season but look for him to pick it up here against an overrated run D.


Dallas: 24

QB Romo: 265 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT; 20 yards rushing

WR Miles Austin: 65 yards, no TDs

WR Dez Bryant: 90 yards, 1 TD

WR Kevin Ogletree: 50 yards, no TDs

TE Jason Witten: 50 yards, 1 TD

RB DeMarco Murray: 95 yards, 1 TD

Chicago: 20

QB Jay Cutler: 220 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

WR Brandon Marshall: 80 yards, 1 TD

WR Alshon Jeffery: 65 yards, no TDs

TE Kellen Davis: 30 yards, no TDs

RB Matt Forte: 60 yards, no TDs, 30 yards receiving

RB Michael Bush: 40 yards, 1 TD

While this won’t be the most exciting game points wise, it may turn out to be a dramatic filled game with much screaming and yelling amongst either team and across the field. Jay Cutler may actually go crazy and pull his hair out, while Dez Bryant may just lash out and punch some one. I’m hoping for the Bears to win so that the Giants still have a better shot in our division, but that doesn’t seem likely. Oh well, I have my scotch and beer to keep me me warm and fuzzy.

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Fantasy Football and Pumpkin Chili

While my wife is in the next room making pumpkin chili, moaning with exertion with every knife stroke that slices its way through the orange, vegetal flesh of the pumpkin, I am stewing over my fantasy football line-up for tomorrow’s games.  QB: do I start Atlanta’s Matt RyanAKA Matty Ice because he is so cool under pressure and has been

Wife (Erica) cutting pumpkin for pumpkin chili

tearing up the football field from under center this season, or do I start the rookie, the phenom, Washinton’s Robert Griffin III AKA RG3?  This kid can do it all, throws the ball like a shot from a cannon, runs like Usain Bolt, and is big enough to take a hit with the rest of them.  I’m going with RG3 on this one, though I may change my mind tomorrow, probably not.

Then, at wide receiver I got my boy Victor Cruz who has shown his ability to lead the Giants to one Super Bowl already, :cheers: and hopefully to another this season.  But I am torn between two up-and-comers who have come on hot as of late and are really showing that they have the ability to perform at the highest level.  First we have a big, quick, athletic dude in Leonard Hankerson playing for the Redskins and will be taking his throws from my man RG3 all day, but he is a hit or miss type player.  I like his skill though and with the Redskin’s number one wide receiver banged up and maybe even sidelined tomorrow, I gotta like Hankerson’s chances here. On the other side of the coin I have the speedy, agile small man, Andrew Hawkins from Cincinnati who has the wiggles to beat any defender and is always a threat to score from anywhere on the field.  In three weeks, he has 208 yards and 2 TDs, both his touchdowns coming off of 50+ yard catches and he shock off multiple defenders along the way.  Now that is a tough decision!  Wife’s calling….

…I’m back.  I had to chop some jalapeno’s for the chili, Erica is scared to touch them any more because the last time they made the tips of her fingers feel like they were on fire.  I ate a seed…yummy!  Then I touched my ear, it stings.

Here’s a few pictures of what she is doing in there with this pumpkin chili.  Recipe to follow, its a good one and one of my wife’s family recipes, so don’t go telling everybody like I just did.

There is that jalapeno that is currently burning the inside of my ear, but when I came back to my computer, there was a beer sitting next to it, so that makes up for the pain.  Thanks hun.  Maybe I could pour some on my ear to make it feel better.  Funny though, lips aren’t burning. I can tell you one thing, this pumpkin chili smells amazing from where I’m sitting.  It better be good because its 8pm and I’m starving.

A few notes about this beer she left by my computer.  It is from Smuttynose Brewery in New Hampshire and it is their Old Brown Dog Ale.  It pours with a nice, inch thick head that quickly dissipates leaving you with a warm, deep caramel color that matches it’s smell plus the the added earthy tones.  The taste starts off with a nice woody malt which matures as it warms in your mouth and finishes with a nice, subtle hoppiness that is very welcome.  I think I’ll have another with dinner.

That’s it for now, I have bread dough that is ready to be turned out and baked to go with my wife’s pumpkin chili.  Check back tomorrow for the recipes and some real football talk.


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